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VoucherBang.com Limited, 1 Church End Villas, Dunmow, Essex, Cm6 2aq, trading as VoucherBang and/or Voucherbang.com and/or Voucherbang.co.uk is an e-commerce site offering a service to site visitors (customers) for the purchase and delivery of vouchers for goods and/or services to be provided by local and national enterprises.


1. VoucherBang will deliver vouchers by e-mail "E-voucher". Options are available to forward "E-voucher(s)" on a gift card or personalised card to an address on behalf of the customer using Royal Mail delivery service (www.royalmail.com/terms-and-conditions)

2. The services being provided by VoucherBang to the customer are strictly limited to a) acting as a conduit for the collection of payment for any voucher purchased by the customer using the VoucherBang site and the transfer of that payment to the voucher issuer and b) the delivery to the customer of the voucher(s) purchased using the services of the VoucherBang site.

3. VoucherBang’s fees and charges for its’ services are expressly stated on its main site and are strictly limited to the amount determined by the method of delivery of the purchased voucher(s) to the customer.

4. VoucherBang imposes no other charge(s), fee(s) or commission(s) on customers.

5. VoucherBang undertakes to transfer the customer’s payment(s) for any voucher(s) purchased using this site directly and only to the voucher issuer strictly in accordance with the terms agreed between VoucherBang and the voucher issuer.

6. VoucherBang’s service commitment will be agreed and deemed to be fulfilled upon delivery of the voucher(s) purchased using this site.

7. Once vouchers have been delivered VoucherBang is unable to intervene in any dispute between the customer and the voucher issuer.

8. Each voucher issuer listed on VoucherBang has its own terms and conditions of sale, redemption, expiry, cancellation and refund and before purchasing any voucher listed on this site the customer must satisfy himself/herself/themselves that he/she/they are completely satisfied that the goods and services represented by the voucher to be purchased as well as the issuers own terms and conditions are consistent with their expectations and requirements.


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