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Our aim is to give customers the best and largest choice of Gift Vouchers. VoucherBang was created so customers can select a Gift Voucher for absolutely any occasion that is nothing less than perfect. Simply search, compare and select a Gift Voucher, take the Gift Voucher to the business and redeem! It really is that easy.


VoucherBang allows customers to customize the Gift Vouchers if they wish to by uploading decorations or photos giving the Gift Voucher a magical and personal touch.


We are now living in an online era with internet access at our finger tips, this is creating many opportunities for businesses to connect to customers and VoucherBang does just that with its ability to link customers with businesses through location and categories in just a click of a button.


Customers can shop for Gift Vouchers without even leaving the house and businesses can receive sales whilst not even at work! VoucherBang really is the future of Gift Vouchers.


All of the beautiful, interesting and unique businesses in the U.K can now offer their Gift Vouchers to the mass market.


Businesses can gain new customers and increase sales (completely risk free) whilst customers get spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a Gift Voucher, it's a WIN WIN.


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