Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the benefits of registering and selling my Gift Vouchers on VoucherBang?

A. VoucherBang are an online Gift Voucher shop that customers come onto to buy for loved ones meaning you are opening your businesses to a whole new audience of potential customers searching for Gift Vouchers in your area. Joining the platform gives you FREE advertising increasing brand awareness in your target area and for people searching your business category. Your customers can buy from you 24/7 from their mobile phones anywhere in the world meaning you can get sales when you are not even at the workplace. You are in total control of your vouchers, adding the vouchers and the terms of use of your vouchers making them tailor made to how your business operates. Payment is swift and secure as soon as someone buys from your business on our website so all vouchers are paid for in advance. Customers can upload photos from their mobile phones or computers and write messages on your vouchers to give them an extra service. Customers can also get an E-Voucher for your business instantly. We secure each voucher and deliver straight to the customer meaning once your vouchers are loaded on you can sit back and get notified and paid when a sale happens.

Q. Can i put a VoucherBang web-link on my own business website so customers can by vouchers?

A. Yes, you can put VoucherBangs web-link (and logo) on your own website so your customers can get directed to your Gift Vouchers on voucherbang and buy your Gift Vouchers 24/7, this also gives them the chance to get an instant E-Voucher or Personalise your Gift Vouchers, creating less work for you and more options for your customers.

Q. I can't find or select a category?

A. Please let the VoucherBang team know what category and they will see if it can be added.

Q. I have an online business, can i still join VoucherBang?

A. Yes - you can put in the voucher policy that to redeem the gift voucher the customer can email/call or contact you to redeem.

Q. Does my business need to supply VoucherBang with hard copy Gift Vouchers?

A. No, you will create your own Gift Vouchers in your VoucherBang account, this will put the Gift Vouchers into a consistent format that is well presented for viewers/customers. You can add pictures of your hard copy Gift Vouchers in your VoucherBang Account if you wish.

Q. I have seen a business selling vouchers that no longer exists, what should I do?

A. Please message the VoucherBang team through the contact us page with the information and we will investigate, we check our listings annually.

Q. How do I use my voucher?

A. Take your voucher to the business/seller and redeem. Each business/seller has their own policy on terms of use and change of the voucher which is displayed on the businesses profile under voucher policy.

Q. How long will it take for my voucher to arrive?

A. We use the Royal Mail service, depending on which delivery option you select the aim is to get each Voucher delivered to the chosen address within 24-72 hours. Each order will receive an E-Voucher within 24 hours often much sooner.

Q. What happens if my voucher doesn't arrive?

A. Please message the VoucherBang team through the contact us page and we will be able to re-send your order.

Q. Is VoucherBang secure?

A. Absolutely, information and data is handled securely, please see our privacy statement for more information.

Q. How much do you charge to list businesses vouchers?

A. We don't charge anything for a business to create or list their vouchers, we do charge a small fee to the seller/business if we sell their voucher. No Sale-No Fee. This means the customer gets a great choice of vouchers whilst businesses can list their vouchers with no financial risk. Win Win.

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